From Benny to Bennys Biscuits

On September 19th, Benny was picked up from his home in PA and brought to us here in MA. He has since grown to love cuddles, kisses, and eating anything he can get his paws on. He quickly became my shadow around the house, especially in the kitchen, thus giving me the idea to include him in my baking. I wanted our treats to be delicious but also healthy; we invite these dogs into our homes, so it is our responsibility to make sure they are well taken care of.



The Girl Behind the Baking

Hi everyone, and welcome to Bennys Biscuits, my name is Courtney LeBlanc. Benny the first puppy that is actually mine and I am raising him with my boyfriend Kyle in our cozy loft. Benny and I spend pretty much all day together and he very quickly became my best friend (or shadow, whichever works). I got into baking while unemployed during the pandemic and he was always by side in the kitchen hoping to catch any scraps that fell on the floor. So I knew, being the slightly crazy dog lady, I had to include him and make treats he could not only eat, but that he would actually enjoy!